Alongside hosts Kevin Ellis and Angele Taylor, we break down this light-hearted procedural crime dramedy and take a look at some of Big Tony’s best moments, Tony Jr.’s anal tendencies and how badass Cora is.

Hosts Xia Anderson, Steph Sabraw, Mina Wahab, and myself discuss episodes 1, 2, and 3 of Netflix’s “Maniac.” We talk about complex themes including the perception of reality, mental health, the authenticity of relationships, the ubiquity of advertising, and the construction of social norms.

Hosts Xia Anderson, Steph Sabraw, Mina Wahab, and myself break down episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Netflix’s “Maniac.” They’re talking dreams vs. reflections of reality and the nature of parent-offspring relationships. Plus, we get behind the scenes insight from special guest Aaralyn Anderson, the 8 year old who plays 3 different roles in this limited series.

Xia Anderson, Steph Sabraw, Mina Wahab & myself break down episodes 7-10 Maniac, the epic mini-series with so much thought provoking content. The different interpretations and themes throughout the show are broken down along with plot and character development.

What conflicts arise within an aristocracy and what happens when an outsider infiltrates the blood line of the Romanoffs? Watch hosts Taylor Gates, Amy Maestri and myself break down the first anthology of the series: The Violet Hour.

Hosts Amy Maestri, Taylor Gates and myself break down episode 2 of The Romanoffs: “The Royal We.” Michael holds up jury duty to spend more time with a crush, Shelley lives her best life on a cruise ship, and there’s a major cliffhanger…literally!

Hosts Amy Maestri, Taylor Gates and myself break down episode 3 of The Romanoffs: “The House of Special Purpose” whilst being haunted by their engineer Tony Becerra. This week in Austria, the Romanovs decide to haunt intense director Jacqueline while actress Olivia contemplates whether this role is worth her life.

Host Amy Maestri and myself look closely at Amanda Peet’s character as she manoeuvers through a day in New York after having a discussion with her daughter, who’s about to give birth without the father’s presence. A big secret is unravelled throughout the day that shows the reasons for her behaviour.